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Scorpion® Truck Bed Liners & Protective Spray-On Coatings in Hudson, NH

East Coast Coating installs Scorpion® truck bed liners and protective spray-on coatings in Hudson, New Hampshire and neighboring towns. A global leader in the industry, Scorpion’s truck bed liners and protective coatings are made of a durable polyurethane that is virtually impenetrable.

  • Durable Protection

  • Variety of Textures

  • Custom Color-Matching & Patterns

  • Rust & Mold-resistant

  • Life-Time Warranty

Truck Bed Liners

Commercial Vehicles



Spray-On Truck Bed Liners

Scorpion’s spray-on truck bed liners protect your truck bed and look good doing it. Choose the texture and color you want and leave the rest to our skilled and experienced team.

Spray-On Truck Bed Liners vs. Drop-In Truck Bed Liners

A properly installed Scorpion® spray-on truck bed liner offers a better fit and significantly greater protection than any drop-in truck bed liner. 

A drop-in bedliner is vulnerable to cracking and warping. Scorpion® spray-on bedliners come with a limited lifetime warranty against fading, cracking, peeling, and normal wear and tear.

Because it isn’t custom-fit for your truck, a drop-in bedliner can trap water and debris, leading to rust and corrosion. Spray-on Scorpion® bedliners provide a rugged, water-tight barrier that protects your truck from both daily use and the elements of nature. 

A truck bed liner can be noisy at high speeds, when wind gets under it. Because of its custom fit, you’ll never have to worry about wind noise with a spray-on liner.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Your Certified Scorpion® Truck Bed & Protective Coatings Installer

Individuals and businesses in Hudson and neighboring towns entrust their trucks, trailers, boats, and fleet vehicles to our certified Scorpion® truck bed liner and protective coating installers. We look forward to serving you!

Spray-On Protective Coatings for Trucks, Trailers, Boats & More

We also offer spray-on protecting coatings for trucks, trailers, boats, and other vehicles. Choose the color, texture, and application area you want. Need some inspiration? Check out our project gallery.

Spray-On Truck Liners & Protective Coatings for Fleet Vehicles

Your fleet vehicles say a lot about your business. Keep yours looking new and professional with a Scorpion® truck bed liner or protective coating from East Coast Coating. Available in a variety of textures, all of our protective spray-on coatings can be matched to your corporate color palette. Contact us to discuss your options.

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