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Truck Bed Liners & Protective Coatings in New England

There’s no better way to protect your truck, Jeep, trailer, or boat than with Scorpion’s spray-on bed liners and coatings. Their proven formula provides a permanent, air-tight coating that protects against rust, corrosion, scratches, dings, and dents all season long. Our factory-trained technicians have extensive experience applying Scorpion® truck bed liners and protective coatings on both personal and commercial vehicles throughout New England.

Spray-on Truck Bed Liners

Your truck bed works hard for you, and if you live in New England, it's exposed to snow, sand, and salt for several months out of the year. A Scorpion® spray-on truck bed liner will protect your vehicle from wear and tear and the corrosive effects of the elements. Even better—it comes with a limited lifetime warranty against fading, cracking, peeling, and normal wear and tear.

  • High quality polyurethane protective coating

  • Custom color and texture options 

  • Protects against scratches, dents, corrosion, and rust

  • Crack and chip-resistant formula

  • Absorbs impact to reduce vibration and noise

Spray-On Truck Bed Liners vs. Mat or Drop-In Liners

When it comes to protecting your truck bed, you have a few options.  Mats and drop-ins, available at most automotive retailers, are a good low-budget option for truck owners who don’t need the heavy protection of a spray-on lining. Because they don’t provide a water-tight barrier, they let in moisture and dirt. They look decent enough, but will show damage more quickly and won’t last nearly as long as a spray-on lining.  Spray-on linings provide a rugged coating that bonds to your truck bed, providing permanent, maintenance-free protection from both daily use and nature’s elements. While the price for a spray-on liner is a little higher than mat or drop-in liners, it offers far better protection.

Jeep coating

Exterior Coatings for Off-Road Jeeps & Trucks

Scorpion’s rugged coatings protect the underside and exterior of your jeep or truck. Enjoy your off-road expeditions without the risk of damage from dirt, rocks, roots, and branches. Choose from a high-gloss or low-shine finish in your favorite color to customize your look. 


  • High-quality, Kevlar® coating

  • Protection from sand, dirt, rocks, and debris

  • UV-stable coating won’t crack or peel

  • Hydrophobic finish for easier clean-up

commercial trailer interior coating

Protective Coatings for Commercial Trucks and Trailers

You’ve invested a significant amount of money in your commercial trucks, trailers, and other vehicles, and take pride in their appearance. Our certified Scorpion® protective coatings installers will keep your fleet vehicles on the road longer and looking new for years to come. We also offer toolbox spray coating services to protect your valuable tools and equipment. 


  • Water-tight seal prevents rust and corrosion

  • Superior protection reduces downtime for repairs

  • Non-slip coating reduces cargo shifts and risk of falls

  • Color and texture options to match your corporate style

boat undercoating protection

Water-Proof, Slip-Resistant Coatings for Boats and Watercraft

Our team provides durable and reliable marine coatings for boats and other watercraft. Scorpion® marine coatings protect your boat from the damaging effects of moisture and sunlight and help reduce injuries relating to slips and falls.


  • Fade-resistant coating in a variety of colors and textures

  • Protects wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces from moisture damage

  • Tough polyurethane coating is virtually impenetrable

  • Slip-proof virtually any surface

East Coast Coating is proud to be an authorized dealer and installer of Scorpion® truck bed liners and protective coatings for trucks, jeeps, trailers, and marine craft. Our factory-trained technicians provide outstanding service at a very competitive price. Contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to serving you.


Proudly serving individuals and businesses in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

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