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Tear down and rebuild

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

If you're a car enthusiast, then you know how important it is to keep your vehicle in good condition. One of the most common issues that car owners face is rust, especially in the rocker panels and corners. Rust can spread quickly, causing serious damage to the vehicle's body and reducing its value. However, with a little bit of time and effort, you can tear down, strip the rust, rebuild the rockers and corners, and finish it off with a custom bedliner paint job.

Step 1: Tear Down

The first step to rebuilding your rockers and corners is tearing down the old ones. This involves removing the old panels and any rusted or damaged parts. It's important to take your time and be careful during this step to avoid damaging any other parts of your vehicle.

Step 2: Strip the Rust

Once you've removed the old panels, the next step is to strip the rust from the affected area. This can be done using a variety of tools, such as a plasma cutter ,torches or a grinder. It's important to remove all of the rust to prevent it from spreading and causing further damage.

Step 3: Rebuild the Rockers and Corners

After stripping the rust, you'll need to rebuild the rockers and corners. This involves fabricating new panels and welding them in place. If you're not experienced with welding, it's best to leave this step to a professional.

Step 4: Finish with Custom Bedliner Paint Job

Finally, you can finish off your project with a custom bedliner paint job. Bedliner paint is a durable, textured paint that can provide long-lasting protection to your vehicle. It's also a great way to add a unique look to your vehicle. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures to create a custom look that fits your style.

In conclusion, rebuilding your rockers and corners can be a time-consuming and challenging project, but it's well worth the effort. By tearing down, stripping the rust, rebuilding, and finishing with a custom bedliner paint job, you can restore your vehicle's appearance and protect it from further damage. Just be sure to take your time and follow safety protocols to ensure a successful outcome.

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