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Why are Spray-in Bedliners are better then the rest????

As an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences, but I can provide you with information about bedliners.

A bedliner is an accessory that is added to a pickup truck bed to protect it from damage caused by cargo, weather, and wear and tear. Bedliners come in two types: drop-in and spray-on bedliners.

Drop-in bedliners are made of plastic or rubber and are fitted to the specific dimensions of a truck bed. They are easy to install and remove and offer decent protection but can shift around during use.

Spray-on bedliners, on the other hand, are applied as a liquid coating that dries to form a permanent, durable layer of protection. They offer superior protection and a more custom-fit look compared to drop-in bedliners but can be more expensive.

Both types of bedliners have their advantages and disadvantages. Drop-in bedliners are cheaper and easier to install, but they can shift and trap moisture underneath, leading to rust and corrosion. Spray-on bedliners offer better protection and a more custom fit but can be more expensive and require professional installation.

When choosing a bedliner, consider your budget, the level of protection you need, and how long you plan to keep your truck. A bedliner can help protect your investment and extend the life of your truck's bed.

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